Subject: Re: NetBSD/hpcarm snap code
To: Reinoud Zandijk <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/16/2001 15:40:42
On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, Reinoud Zandijk wrote:

: > 	arch/archidemes
: > 	arch/acornriscpc
: > 	arch/cats
: > 	arch/dnard
: > 	arch/hpcarm
: > 	arch/rc7500

: The cats, dnard, ofw and ebsa are really more a footbridge/squoia or
: equivalent and use all pheriphals from isa/pci (AFAIK) and are thus very
: thin to be a seperate port.

Well, the DNARD is a wee bit different from the CATS or EBSA; the latter
two don't use OpenFirmware (and instead have direct PCI/ISA attachments).

The DNARD uses the `ofisa' method of identifying and attaching ISA devices,
while the CATS/EBSA use the footbridge base bus.

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