Subject: Re: New snapshot of raster/Unicode console driver available
To: None <,>
From: Noriyuki Soda <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/14/2001 00:53:45
> - Japanese and Korean raw bitmap fonts and wsfonts are included. 

Mm, the font is not really usable for Japanese.
(As I said previously, Kana-only font is never be useful for Japanese)

> - wsfontload(8) has been slightly modified to handle double byte fonts 
>   properly. wscons.conf(5) also has been modified. See included sources 
>   for details. 

It seems using own font format for big character set like Hangul or
Hanji is not really suitable. Could you look at World21 source to
use X11 font format?

> > can I use this wscons driver with ISO8859-2 fonts? How can I do it?
> For now you can't. Instead, how about using UTF-8 encoded Latin font 
> currently supported? I'm working on 'switchable encoding' to support some 
> other encodings other than UTF-8, including ISO-8859, ISO-2022, EUC, etc. 

This code should be shared with kernel iconv interface for filesystem
modules. I'm currently working to implement such module and will
send you patch to wscons.