Subject: New snapshot of raster/Unicode console driver available
To: None <>
From: Bang Jun-Young <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/10/2001 12:06:24
Hi folks,

A new snapshot of the VGA raster/Unicode wscons driver is available at . 

What's new in this snapshot (from 20010128):

- Based on -current source as of 20010205. 
- VGA raster display driver (vga_raster.c) has been separated from vga.c. 
  You can configure and build kernel by adding "options VGA_RASTERCONSOLE" 
  and "WSEMUL_ENCODING_UTF8" to your config file. Additional "options 
  VGAFONTDEBUG" can be a little helpful for debugging purpose. 
- Now it can display UTF-8 English/Japanese/Korean characters together. 
- Japanese and Korean raw bitmap fonts and wsfonts are included. 
- wsfontload(8) has been slightly modified to handle double byte fonts 
  properly. wscons.conf(5) also has been modified. See included sources 
  for details. 

Known problems: 

- Color mismatch. Try 'man foo' to see what I mean. 
- UTF-8 handling code is incomplete and quite messy (utf8.c and 
  wsemul_vt100.c). I need to rewrite it in cleaner way. 
- Low level *_putchar() function should be changed so that it properly 
  handles multibyte characters. One method is returning the width of the 
  character it printed. It might break compatibility with other existing 
  display driver. 
- More Unicode fonts and texts are needed for testing. :) 

Any comments are welcome and appreciated.


Bang Jun-Young <>