Subject: Re: USB lpt and NOPRIME
To: Johnny C. Lam <>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/08/2001 21:14:34
On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 12:07:10PM -0800, Jason R Thorpe wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 01:59:09PM -0500, Johnny C. Lam wrote:
>  > In response to an inquiry about the USB printer code in CUPS, Michael
>  > Sweet, the primary author of CUPS notes:
>  > 
>  > The FreeBSD USB printer driver resets the USB printer on open,
>  > unless you use the "unlptN" device.  This reset prevents some
>  > printers from receiving the first bytes of the print job, which
>  > then causes lots of spew... :(
> Hm, I notice this with my Lexmark E310... Why do we reset the printer
> on open, anyway?

Same for the parallel port printer, btw... when a 2nd job is submitted while
the first is still printed, it is aborted, unless you use the appropriate