Subject: Re: Cyclades Cyclom-8Yo+P card
To: None <>
From: Zach Fine <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/07/2001 15:13:17
I had almost the exact same problem with a Cyclades 16-YeP card about
a year ago, and never got an answer. Mine would lock up the entire
computer a minute or two after trying to access a port with tip.

If someone out there thinks they can fix this, I'd be happy to
loan them the card and breakout box for that purpose.

-Zach Fine

>>>>> "raj" == raj  <> writes:

    raj> Hi, Sorry to post is issue here, but I haven't had any
    raj> response from tech-misc nor from netbsd-help mailing list
    raj> Could any one tell me if the card mentioned above is
    raj> supported by NetBSD I am trying to use a Cyclades
    raj> Cyclom-8Yo+P card for a dial in server on NetBSD-1.5. I have
    raj> got the machine booted and seeing the card (cy -8port), and I
    raj> have created the device files for the lines after modifying
    raj> MAKEDEV (BTW could someone update this file on the
    raj> distribution) using the major device number as found in
    raj> conf.c.  When I use tip to test the connection to the modem,
    raj> tip starts but wont echo or do anything in fact.  Tip won't
    raj> even exit properly.  Could anyone please help me. I am really
    raj> stuck now.
    raj> Regards, Raj
    raj> Your Friendly IT Staff
    raj> Raj RossRakesh Network Administrator