Subject: Re: LFS Status
To: Timothy E. Denehy <>
From: Jesse Off <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/04/2001 15:23:10
On Sun, 4 Feb 2001, Timothy E. Denehy wrote:
> I'm working on a research project based on the NetBSD LFS implementation.  I
> started with 1.4.2, and I've noticed a lot of changes in the 1.5 code.  Could
> someone give me an overview of the reasons for these changes and the ongoing
> revisions?

IIRC, they were mostly bugfixes/cleanups.  You can check the cvs logs.  
LFS has been 'experimental' (a kind way of saying "broken") for a long
time and has had no real maintainers.  Since then, Konrad has been working
on it and recently, I have started working on it.  You can probably expect
even more differences in the near future as Konrad and I have been tossing
around some patches for version 2 of the filesystem that changes a few of
the on-disk data structures.  Of course, the end goal of all this is to
make LFS 'better'.  :)

//Jesse Off