Subject: Re: Adding sys/netsmb (was: CVS commit: syssrc)
To: MINOURA Makoto <>
From: matt <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/07/2000 23:16:31
    MINOURA> At least, in-kernel code conversion engine must be
    MINOURA> well-discussed, considering Jaromir's codeconv.

    MINOURA> In addition if the iconv is used in pathname coding system
    MINOURA> (sorry I've not yet looked into the code), it might have
    MINOURA> another problem.

those iconv files are stubs, they're intended to be replaced.

things aren't near ready for prime-time yet, but since i can keep things
out of the way in a directory i didn't want to bother branching.