Subject: Re: Emulations as LKM (final)
To: matthew green <>
From: Jaromír Dolecek <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/01/2000 09:47:17
matthew green wrote:
> this should be solved by having a "compat43" LKM available that the emulation
> LKM "depends" on.... i believe the new LKM framework ragge is working on will
> allow this ?

Even current module framework allows this - you need to keep the
prelinked object modload creates (via modload -S) and then link against
that instead of /netbsd (via modload -A tmp_file). It's cumbersome,
but possible.

I think that emulations should not depend on the code to be present.
Each should use their own version of the routines. This would not
be too hard if compat_43 code is split to individual files by
function. Emulation would pull in stuff it needs and rename
symbols with #define appropriately.

Jaromir Dolecek <>
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