Subject: Re: wscons
To: None <>
From: matt farnsworth <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/01/2000 03:38:54
I tried that already.  Even tested using vt220 mode.  No effect.

I did get a reponse in dmesg only screen 4 was added, as the others were 
already configured.  But in reality screen 4 was not modified.
(unless its ctrl-alt-f5, but there's no text there and the cursor size is 

>I've got wscons working just fine in 1.5_ALPHA2. I use the 80x50
>fonts and resolution. Make sure the line for the font vt220l.808 is 
>in your /etc/wscons.conf file. You can't change the font for your console
>device, but you can configure multiple virtual consoles in most typical
>cases (like, the i386 with suitable hardware can -- CGA graphics cards
>cannot I don't think).
> > > how do I get the kernel to boot into vga50 or 132x50?
> > >
> > > post-boot: wsconscfg reports 'already configured'
> > > and
> > > 	/etc/wscons.conf seems to have no effect
>Right, because the console is already configured. Configure a different
>virtual terminal in your /etc/wscons.conf file.
>The older terminal systems (pcvt) are dead in 1.5, you must use wscons.
>Kevin P. Neal

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