Subject: Re: Addition to force open to open only regular files
To: Warner Losh <>
From: Love <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/29/2000 01:42:47
Warner Losh <> writes:

> The talk on the FreeBSD side of the world is that these calls should
> quietly die a quick and sudden death.  They are fore the nfs server
> only and there are practicle problems with their use.  The problems
> aren't easily solved.  I'm not sure of all the details, but I thought
> I'd let the NetBSD community know what some in the FreeBSD community
> are thinknig.

I would hope that they will not die. They fhopen/getfh provides a good fast
interface to open a already existing file on filesystem.

Replacing it with ifs (inode filesystem) forces the user to create a
special filesystem (that might not always be a good bad thing) to get the
extra speed for arla.

And, as I understand rpc.lockd in NetBSD uses fhopen.

What is the problem with them ? I can see that you can't create files with
them as a problem. But for application where that isn't important ifs might
be a large overhead (in terms of setting up).