Subject: Re: where is cpu_exec_ecoff_probe()? (Re: CVS commit: syssrc)
To: None <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/23/2000 17:32:30
In <200011230759.XAA18569@Pescadero.DSG.Stanford.EDU>
jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU wrote:

> This begs the question, *why* suport ecoff binaries?  We can't do
> ECOFF/mips shared-libs, as there's no standard for ECOFF shared-libs
> on MIPs and (last I looked) no support for it in the GNU
> toolchain. ECOFF on mips has been obsolete in Unix-style systems
> since IRIX 4.0.5 was supplanted by IRIX 5.

Umm, maybe only for consistency. Alpha used native ecoff binaries
and still has its support. If native ECOFF should be deprecated,
we should move all ECOFF support on alpha into COMPAT_* part
and purge cpu_exec_ecoff_probe(), I think. If alpha keep it,
mips should also have unless "supporting native ECOFF" is
machine dependent matter.

> Supporting other little-endian ECOFF mips systems may sound sensible,
> but the only one I can think of is NT. "nuff said.

BTW, is anyone interested in COMPAT_PECOFF on mips? :-)
Izumi Tsutsui