Subject: Re: Addition to force open to open only regular files
To: Wolfgang Solfrank <>
From: Warner Losh <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/17/2000 17:32:37
In message <> Wolfgang Solfrank writes:
: Maybe I'm an idiot, but can anyone please try to explain to me what
: an open_as system call would buy us above the sequence of set*id/open?
: There must be something I don't get...

1) set*id can't work.  The program may already have touched its uids,
so you don't know the right thing to use.

2) it doesn't touch the global ids, which may be impossible to

3) The saved ID isn't available to userland.  Note, that
POSIX_SAVED_IDS is different than this.  That's a behavior.

Of course, because of #2 open_as doesn't know what uid to pass either