Subject: Re: Watchdog timer support
To: None <>
From: Jeff Smith <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/16/2000 22:07:08 writes:
> (Jason R Thorpe) writes:
> > See the wdogctl(8) manual page for more information.
> I've looked briefly at the manual page and the code, and, in at least
> some ways, this interface seems Wrong.  What you "Really Want" in my
> opinion is something more like:
>        * configure kernel to kick hw watchdog every (small amount of
>          time).  (Fraction of a second, to multiple seconds if not
>          running with next feature enabled.)
>        * optionally configure kernel to expect kick from userland
>          every (larger amount of time).  (multiple seconds, or
>          whatever you'd like.)

This is very similar to what we have implemented in our watchdog
code here at geocast.