Subject: Re: $HOSTALIASES thing.
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/04/2000 15:59:02
>that isn't so much the problem, but that joe user can do
>	s = socket();
>	sa.s_port = htons(23);
>	sa.s_addr = <your_ip_address>;
>	bind(s, &sa);
>	listen(s);
>and catch all inbound telnet attempts since inetd only listens on
>IN_ADDR_ANY.  that's bad, and, for example, *anyone* can do that to
>your x server since it listens on *.6000.

	the above (bind to specific address while someone is bound to
	wildcard) was banned with sys/netinet/in_pcb.c revision 1.58
	(Mar 1999).