Subject: Re: UBC snapshot available, call for testers
To: Jared D. McNeill <>
From: Chuck Silvers <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/28/2000 20:24:05
oops, that's just some leftover debugging stuff.
I made a new diff that compiles with the various debug options turned off.

btw, when you need to update from one diff to another,
a convenient way is:

	patch -R < olddiff
	cvs update
	patch < newdiff

(not that you'll want to do that for this silly change,
I just forgot to include that in the original message.)


On Sat, Oct 28, 2000 at 11:58:51PM -0300, Jared D. McNeill wrote:
> On Sat, 28 Oct 2000, Chuck Silvers wrote:
> > so, anyone who likes to try the latest and greatest, please try running
> > a UBC kernel and report your experiences either here or directly to me.
> Little minor problem; kern/kern_subr.c does not compile without options
> DIAGNOSTIC in the kernel config.
> Jared