Subject: -02 flag in compilation
To: None <>
From: Espen Jorde <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/28/2000 15:19:23

I'm including some new sytemcallls to a 1.4.1 kernel as part of my masert
studies. I've found this:

When i make the kernel without any debug-options, make automaticly uses
gcc with a -O2 flag. When that happens my system calls gets completely
messed up.

I have an alloc-call which allocates and initializes some
structures. Whithout -O2 everything is great, but with the -O2 flag some
or all of the structures are allocated, but when I later check them, they
are filled with zeroes instead of anything usable....


I have tried this several times now.

I use gcc-2.8.1 and standard 1.4.1 code.


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