Subject: Re: CVS commit: syssrc
To: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
From: Ben Harris <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/16/2000 12:41:01
On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Ignatios Souvatzis wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 15, 2000 at 01:57:43PM -0700, Chris G. Demetriou wrote:
> > If it's a PC super-io chip, what's wrong with just attaching an 'ISA'
> > to it?  that's what some ports do, unless i'm mistaken.  Failing that,
> > what we need is a slightly-tweaked direct-config version of ISA which
> > can be used by all such chips.
> I'm doing sort of this on Amiga, because we not only have a system with a
> superio chip, but also lots of zbus boards that attach ISA chips at fixed
> addresses. Look at the "supio" stuff in amiga/dev/

That looks good, though it doesn't seem to be remotely related to the isa
code.  I wouldn't have much objection to using that for the upc, though
the interrupt stuff would need to be abstracted, and I'd like to avoid
bus_space_map if I can (or at least move it to the parent and pass down a
bus_space_handle_t to the children).

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