Subject: Re: dynamic configuration (was Re: PR#4094)
To: Greywolf <>
From: Matthew Orgass <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/08/2000 04:00:14
On Sat, 7 Oct 2000, Greywolf wrote:

> Well, there goes unique identifier by dev/ino pair.

  Only if it really needs to be a number (and even then you could use your
own numbering system).

> That's not all that different from what bdevsw/cdevsw does; it just
> means you refer to it in a different way.

  That is all name vs. number is too, a different way of refering to the
same thing.  ID by name just happens to have a much larger namespace,
which makes it much more likely that what you think is the device you want
really is.

> And config files are kind of nice.  It means you can wire devices down
> where YOU want them.

  Done right, you can still wire things down.  The difference is you can
use make instead of a special utility. 

Matthew Orgass