Subject: Linux seeming to run faster?
To: BSD Kernel <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/07/2000 21:44:46
I have a question that's been kind of burning on me for a while now,
and that is what in blazes are they doing that is giving the illusion
that they run faster than we do on just about every platform?  They
seem to be able to do the switchable console thing on every platform,
including the SPARC, something we're still struggling with (largely
due to licensing issues, it would seem).
Additionally, they seem to be able to have better performance talking to
the graphics cards than we do.

I don't like the UI of Linux, and I don't care for its lack of organisation
(I could pour Alfredo sauce over Linux and call it lunch).  Its NIS
implementation sucks large rocks through a rope, it doesn't have raw
disk devices which makes things like burning or reading audio CDs nigh
impossible unless you know the magic, and the abstraction of hardware
that it seems to use and its partitioning and device naming schemes drive
me batty.

Tried Linux.  Want NetBSD.  But what gives in the performance department?
Is NetBSD just not cut out for graphical/workstation use, practically
speaking?  Are we shooting for the server market?

...or Did I Miss Something Here? [TM]

BSD: More Nines.