Subject: RE: MI debugger magic key sequence
To: 'Andrew Brown' <>
From: Andrew Sporner <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/22/2000 10:11:17
> >> This is a good thing to clean-up.  I've wanted to look at 
> customizing
> >> it since I've added some stuff to the com driver that we 
> use here (^A).
> >
> >^A is not a very good key sequence if you ever use emacs on 
> the console.
> indeed.  or a shell that uses that key, eg tcsh or bash.  or sh with
> editing turned on.
> ^A is also a very unfortunate key for screen users as well, not to
> mention emacs users who use screen.
> just my two cents.  :)

Can this be something that is part of the CONFIG when you build
the kernel?  That way everybody can be satisfied...