Subject: Re: Where/how is rootvp set in kernel initialisation?
To: Colin Wood <>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/21/2000 16:20:20
Yep, Bill and I worked on this a long time ago.  We actually had it
working for read-only access in single-user mode, but it promptly
paniced in other environments!

Like I said that was a very long time ago, and I've not looked at it
since.  There were some severe licensing issues to deal with, and it
just wasn't worth it to me to press on.

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Colin Wood wrote:

> Chris G. Demetriou wrote:
> > Colin Wood <> writes:
> > > certainly, but there still remains one rather tiny problem before sysinst
> > > is truly useful on mac68k:  native HFS support.
> > 
> > that reminds me: is there some great technical hurdle standing in the
> > way of that?
> not that i know of.  the authors of the various GPL'd implementations
> might be better people to ask.  actually, i think that dr. bill and paul
> goyette might have been working on a more usable version at one point, but
> i don't quite remember now.
> the biggest issue is most likely time and effort.  a lot of both will
> probably be needed.
> > IIRC, HFS (and MFS) were adequately described in the old Inside
> > Macintosh volumes (which i happen to own copies of -- before i found
> > this whole UNIX thing, i used to be a mac hacker 8-).
> are you volunteering chris? ;-P
> -colin

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