Subject: Re: MI debugger magic key sequence
To: Eduardo Horvath <>
From: Jeff Smith <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/21/2000 10:51:08
Eduardo Horvath wrote:
> ^A is not a very good key sequence if you ever use emacs on the console.

I wouldn't force it on anybody.  I like it as it's easy + quick
to type to type on any terminal emulator.  Your proposal make makes
it clean to get what I want, and what others want, ie it's good :-).

> cpu_Debugger() is the cpu entry point into DDB and only exists if DDB
> is defined.  Some machines have other behaviors if DDB is not compiled
> in.
> cpu_Debugger() is an anathema and should be taken out and shot.  It has no
> reason to exist and never has.

I still don't see how changing the name helps that much over
just making the semantics consistant, but it does not matter
if all the ports can be updated relatively smoothly.

> This interface is supposed to be used in the interrupt handler for
> incoming characters by all serial drivers and determines whether the dev_t
> provided belongs to the console.  The only thing the serial driver needs
> to do is determine its own dev_t and pass it in to db_check_magic().

Ok, I like this.  It will make everything more consistant.

Anyway, cool, I like it.  When do I get to use it :-).