Subject: Re: MI debugger magic key sequence
To: Eduardo Horvath <>
From: Jeff Smith <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/20/2000 23:34:12
Eduardo Horvath wrote:
> Breaking into the debugger from the console is an interesting problem.
> Most serial drivers have code to check if they are the console if they
> receive a BREAK and check if they are the console.  Others can have
> keyboards attached and have checks for specific key sequences.

This is a good thing to clean-up.  I've wanted to look at customizing
it since I've added some stuff to the com driver that we use here (^A).

> void
> db_console();
> This is a MD routine that needs to be defined for each port.  It does
> whatever is necessary to enter the debugger, PROM, whatever.

How is this different from cpu_Debugger()?

> void
> db_check_magic(dev_t, dev, int k);

What is the dev used for, or will this interface just always be
called for every serial port?  Right now the serial drivers tend
to know which port, right?

> int
> db_set_magic(char *magic);

I hadn't thought about this at all, seems like a reasonable thing
to be able to set it at runtime.  It also allows things like the
mips ports to put this in the machine specific code at start-up
Do any of the ports use chorded sequences for a non-serial console?