Subject: Re: Driver and thread model
To: Thorbjorn Jemander <>
From: Dr. Rene Hexel <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/14/2000 08:06:58
Thorbjorn Jemander wrote:

> Ok, so there is no native, kernel-based thread implementation
> available in any current release.

  Not for userland processes, no.

> So, do the pthread support require an 'external' thread package?

  That's right.  At the moment, there are two usable pthread compatible
thread packages available through pkgsrc, 'unproven-pthreads' and 'pth'.
'unproven-pthreads' is a preemptive userland thread package for NetBSD,
while 'pth' is a non-preemptive thread package that also has a
pthread-wrapper API.

> (As well as the Linux emulation, then?)

  No, Linux emulation is only required for Linux *binaries* requiring
threads (and any other Linux binaries, of course :-)

> Another question, I looked at the source and maybe I'm confused,
> but isn't the function declaration style K&R, while you state
> it should be ANSI? (It's been a while I was in pure-C land,

  There was a switch in KNF (Kernel Normal Form) from K&R to ANSI
several months ago.  Old code is still K&R style, but newly imported
code should be ANSI style.