Subject: Re: Driver and thread model
To: None <>
From: Thorbjorn Jemander <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/14/2000 07:09:13
On Wednesday, September 13 2000, 23:04:26 +0200 Manuel Bouyer wrote about Re: 
Driver and thread model:

>"Design and implementation of 4.4BSD" is a good book.

Thnaks, I'll go and get that.

>You can also look at in the doc section

I've done that, but the kernel documention I've found is not
very complete. Either it's hard to find, or it's yet to be

>I'm not sure I understant what you mean. For now there are different thread
>packages for NetBSD, but none of them ship with NetBSD. All of them are
>implemented in userland, without kernel support, as wrappers around
>libc calls and using (I think but I may be wrong) signals.

Ok, so there is no native, kernel-based thread implementation
available in any current release. So, do the pthread support require
an 'external' thread package? (As well as the Linux emulation, then?)
Are there any plans for threads in the kernel? In the SMP effort

Another question, I looked at the source and maybe I'm confused,
but isn't the function declaration style K&R, while you state
it should be ANSI? (It's been a while I was in pure-C land,
so maybe I have things backwards.)

Thorbjörn Jemander

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