Subject: Maestro driver
To: None <>
From: Andy Doran <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/05/2000 14:23:43
Hi. Some time back, I wrote a Maestro 1/2/2E driver, but gave up on it about
a week later.

Everything appears to work... Except wave output (input I haven't coded for
yet). The documentation on the Maestro is horrific; in particular, the APU
is not even described.

On my machine, the WaveCache is DMAing the data and the APU updating the
sample count, but no output can be discerned (also, certian audio clips
will cause the driver to "stall" - this may not be hardware related).

At one point, it was playing audio at reboot.

If you want to have a go, ack this and I'll send you a copy.