Subject: Re: NOSYNC/NOWIDE/NOTAG & ansii rev
To: None <>
From: Martin J. Laubach <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/24/2000 19:35:41
| > I think I could see a case be made for  SDEV_NOWIDE | SDEV_NOTAG  set
| > for SID_ANSII == 0.
| Ok, I'll do so unless someone objects.

  This might even help for PR/9646, where an old CD-Rom drive
is not probed right. In a variation, I had another version of
the ahc driver loop endlessly (well, I reset the machine after
15 hours or so :) trying to ascertain the CD-Rom's capabilities
-- turning off "Do wide negociation" in the Adaptec's BIOS
cured the problem.