To: None <,>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/22/2000 12:44:40
I'd like to propose that the definition and use of
<machine/foo.h> be changed/modified.  Currently
machine points to the port specific include directory
and then there's a <$arch$/foo.h> which points to the
machine archtecture files.

port		machine		arch
pmax		pmax		mips
vax		vax		vax
mac68k		mac68k		m68k
macppc		macppc		powerpc

I'd like to change this so that machine points to the
machine architecture include.

port		machine
pmax		mips
vax		vax
mac68k		m68k
macppc		powerpc

Machine-specific includes will be included by
<$port/foo.h> (<pmnax/foo.h> instead of <machine/foo.h>

Secondly, make includes will install all the port specific
include directories for a specific machines architecture.

Now why would should this be done?  For two reasons at least.  The first
is that this will lead to a more unified user programs.  Since port-specific
files will have be to referenced by the port specific include directory, a
make build will be able to make all the port-specific programs.  The second
is that the difference between ports will be lessened since the <machine/*.h>
will need to present the same interfaces to the MI portions of the kernel.
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