Subject: Re: On more flavorful markup for NetBSD software documentation
To: Christopher Reid Palmer <>
From: Tino Wildenhain <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/19/2000 21:50:04

Christopher Reid Palmer wrote:
> Here is a (possibly incomplete) list of tasks for which I am volunteering
> myself (and anyone else who is interested):
> 1. Decide on a document format
>   LaTeX
>   DocBook
>   Some pre-existing XML DTD
>   Some new XML DTD

I can help here, if you want. 

> 2. Find and/or develop software
>   For converting from (1) to online and printable docs, either
>   interactively (xml2man, a CGI script, et c.), as a batch job, or
>   both. This might entail programs like man(1) becoming
>   wrappers/front-ends to the translator(s)

Some of them are already available. There are many parsers and
libraries around, SAX as example (not only in java, if someone
is afraid ;)

> 3. QA/Testing
>   How bad does it suck? In what ways could it be made to suck less?
>   Find willing testers
> 4. Refine per (3)
> 5. Repeat (2-4) until happy
> 5. Ship
>   Commit to CVS
>   ..
> Thoughts?

I feel we should move this discussion/project somewhere else, since
it is not tech-kern related furthermore.

Tino Wildenhain