Subject: Re: STAILQ
To: None <>
From: matt <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/18/2000 23:39:39
    matt> is there any opposition to bringing in some FreeBSD additions
    matt> to sys/queue.h that implement singly linked tailq's, along w/
    matt> a few other random methods that we don't have?

specifically, freebsd has *_FOREACH(var,head,field) defined for all of
its queue abstractions, and also {TAILQ,CIRCLEQ}_FOREACH_REVERSE().

the netsmb code for samba support uses a few of these.  

    Jason> In NetBSD, these are called SIMPLEQ.

it also uses STAILQ a lot, is it better to special case every call based
on __NetBSD__ and __FreeBSD__, or to hack a rename of the STAILQ to
SIMPLEQ for those files, or provide the STAILQ interface names as
another way to use our SIMPLEQ structure?

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