Subject: Re: bin/7249
To: None <>
From: Jim Reid <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/18/2000 11:53:17
>>>>> "Lucio" == Lucio De Re <> writes:

    Lucio> man2html and similar friends are the tools you're after,
    Lucio> not hotmetal (consider producing html documentation without
    Lucio> a graphic tool).

Indeed. Another point is that when someone uses such-and-such a
graphic tool, they assume (sometimes unconsciously) that everyone
reading whatever they write has the same GUI as they have. This is how
we end up with useless web sites that require everyone to have upmteen
plug-ins for their web browser, LAN-speed internet access, Java cruft
enabled, etc, etc. One of the whole ideas of UNIX systems was to
arrange the output from one tool could be fed into another, even if
the designers of both tools hadn't envisioned that their code would be
used in that way. It seems that important lesson has been forgotten.