Subject: Re: bin/7249
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/17/2000 21:36:14
[apologies for any duplicates in the reply]

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Greywolf wrote:


> It's small.  It's reliable.  You can always use a formatter to go to,
> as i posted earlier, a higher level. _You_ _must_ _expend_ _more_ _effort_
> _to_ _convert_ _from_ _one_ _high_ _level_ _format_ _to_ _another_, than
> you would need to do _if_ _you_ _started_ _from_ _a_ _lower_ _level.

I agree - it is much easier to coerce raw man into html than the other 
way round, and raw man should *ALWAYS* be the primary source IMHO. If
you want html, well hey, go for it, but do it from the bottom up.


> Just how far down do you want to dumb things, Mike?

Reminds me of a brilliant quotation I once heard somehwere :-)

	"Unfortunately, we have evolved from a situation
	 where a bunch of smart people sat in front of dumb
	 terminals into a situation where a bunch of dumb 
	 people are sitting in front of smart terminals."

And it's true, most people generally nowadays are blithering computer
idiots and have lost the fundamental core concepts of what a computer is.
It's a shame that some people who may profess to be computer wunderkids
have also fallen into the same pitiful boat as the vast masses of ordinary

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