Subject: Re: Cloning bdev/cdev devices, step one
To: Darren Reed <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/13/2000 00:22:54
>In contrast, if you're missing, you can boot single user.
>If you can mount /usr then you can get to /usr/sbin/static which
>then gives you rcp and tar, which should be enough along with what
>is in /sbin to get you going.

oh.  my.  god.  i *knew* they couldn't be *that* stupid.  i only wish
i'd known they were there about a month ago when my friend was doing
an upgrade and i gave him a statically linked mv to use but he never
made it executable and after he did "mv /usr/lib /usr/olib" he was

he tried putting the cd in and mounting it, but the mount program for
cds (/usr/lib/fs/hsfs/mount) that he needed was dynamically linked.
mounting things via nfs was equally worthless.

i tried rewriting cat using sh script, but i couldn't cat the static
mv into a previously executable file without losing (it didn't handle
nulls too goodly).

he ended up rebooting from the cdrom, which just did *not* give the
same feeling of satisfaction.

on a similar note, i had to use netbsd to fix my freebsd laptop at one
point, but the rest of that story is long and embarassing.

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