Subject: Re: Adding bootverbose
To: None <>
From: Jaromír Doleček <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/06/2000 14:06:16
> I find it useful- there is also the same thing under Solaris.
> The idea here is to reduce the noise (a good thing) but have
> the diagnostic tools available (w/o a recompile) to write
> down messages that can go into mail or into a PR.

Hmm, I've got some time to play with this and made necessary changes
to support the verbose booting. I haven't tested it on all archs
yet :-/ nor I am sure it really DTRT for all archs (for example the change
for arm32).

Couple of issues: amigappc,arm26,mac68k don't seem to pass/recognize
any boot flags. Is the info passed other way ? (comment in mac68k
code points to Booter and env. variable BOOTHOWTO - what is that ?).
evbsh3,mmeye,sh3,news68k,newsmips,sgimips,vax don't seem to
get the boothowto eiher, seems like the only way to set the boot flags
is reboot(2), whose flags are stored in non-volatile place. Or do
I just overlook something ?

hpcmips already had something like this, so I changed it's htpcmips_verbose
with bootverbose.

The flag parsing code is very similar on many archs (there are like
2-3 different ways of doing it, probably depending on where the
author cut&pasted the code :) ), it would be probably good to clean
it up and move into some more central place.

Note I haven't changed reboot(1) to make it possible to pass the verbose
flag, nor did I changed any MD code to store the flag in cpu_reboot() yet.
That should probably be done.

The patch is available at:

It's size is about 18KB.

Jaromir Dolecek <>
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