Subject: Re: Anyone working on a driver for Mylex PCI RAID controllers?
To: Alex <xela@MIT.EDU>
From: Andy Doran <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/04/2000 12:01:37
Alex <xela@MIT.EDU> wrote:

> Apologies in advance if this is the wrong list to ask on (and please
> point me to the right one).  Is anyone working on drivers for these?
> I'm particularly interested in the Acceleraid 150 and 352. 

If these are I2O compliant, and I think they are, then NetBSD-1.6 (or
whatever comes after 1.5) should at least technically provide support.

> There's a single unified Linux driver for the whole product line
> (though I suspect this is broken architecturally), the DAC960
> driver: has pointers to

If I had the hardware, I could probably start on this as soon as I get a PC.
Incidentally, I'm also looking for an ICP Vortex controller.