Subject: wscons and multiple keyboards
To: NetBSD/mac68k mailing list <>
From: Hauke Fath <hauke@Espresso.Rhein-Neckar.DE>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/24/2000 18:20:21

now that my Duo 280c actually recognizes ADB devices, I have run into an
interesting problem: 

While the Duo is docked, you may want to use an external keyboard. This is
an option for the mini docks, and mandatory for the Duo Docks (hard to get
to the internal keyboard when the Duo is closed ;). But even if the Duo is
closed, the internal keyboard is still attached to the ADB bus and active.

On the other hand, the architects of wscons have decided that there can
only be one keyboard attached to the console. When the kernel finds a
second keyboard, it panics:

(Duo 280 | Apple MiniDock | Apple Adjustable Keyboard | Logitech TrackMan

adb0 (direct, PowerBook): 5 targets
aed0 at adb0 addr 0: ADB Event Device
aed0 at adb0 addr 2: adjustable keyboard (ISO layout)
wskbd0 at akbd0: console keyboard, using wsdisplay0
ams0 at adb0 addr 3: EMP trackball <LT02> 3-button, 200 dpi
wsmouse at ams0
adb0 addr 7: misc. device (remote control?) (2) unsupported
akbd1 at adb0 addr 2: PowerBook keyboard (ISO layout)
wskbd1 at akbd1panic: kernel diagnostic assertion"wskbd_console_device ==
 failed: file "../../../../dev/wscons/wskbd.c", line 405

Stopped in swapper at  _cpu_Debugger+0x6:      unlk    a6

-- still, both keyboards work in ddb.

I tried the wsmux(4) pseudo-device which appears to be provided for just
this situation (how about including it in the mac68k GENERIC config,
Scott?), but for whatever reason it cannot be used for the console.

Note, again, that having two keyboards with a docked Duo is the default,
not a commodity.

What can we do?


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