Subject: RE: Shared scsi??
To: 'Aaro J Koskinen' <>
From: Andrew Sporner <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/20/2000 14:56:40
> Not really supported, but you should get it working (that's 
> because the multihost support doesn't actually require much support from
> Last time I checked there couple things that were sloppily
> implemented:
> - SCSI ID was hardcoded to 7 in some drivers (compile time constant).
> It would be nice to use same kernel image in all hosts on the 
> same SCSI
> bus. Perhaps it could be assumed that user has configured a correct ID
> to SCSI BIOS and use that value... Or use SCAM negotiation, 
> but I think
> it requires target-mode and it's not possible to implement for all
> controllers.

Good challenge.  I will look into it. I know in the case of the
adaptec controllers (which is what I would focus on anyways) there
is a setting in there to be polite in this way...