Subject: Re: ACPI
To: None <>
From: TAKEMURA Shin <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/15/2000 23:05:32

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From: "TAKEMURA Shin" <>
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Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2000 1:18 PM
Subject: ACPI

> Is anyone working for ACPI support ?

It seems that I've confused some of you.

I'm NOT lover of ACPI and I don't want to do any
emulasion of ACPI on hpcmips.

I just said that ACPI's power management abstruction
is generic enough for hpcmis or any other platforms.
I meant "ACPI's power manage ment abstruction" for:

  - System state difinitions
    G3-G0 (off, soft off, sleeping, working)
  - Device power state difinitions
  - Sleeping state difinitions
  - Processor state difinitions
  - System event
    power state transition diagram
  - Battery management
  - Thermal management
  - hierachical name space

these are of universal application.

I didn't mean for:

  - system map query (useing i386's "INT")
  - descriptor table
  - p-code and it's vrtual machine

they are ACPI dependent stuffs and you should not
apply them to other non-ACPI ready platforms.

Anyway, I will buy an i386 box which is ACPI capable to 
play with ACPI for a while.

Thank you.