Subject: Re: ACPI
To: TAKEMURA Shin <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/13/2000 23:11:06
>> I'm not sure why ACPI works on hpcmips while APM does not.
>> Does WinCE use ACPI and its pseudo instructions?
>No. Hpcmis hardwares don't have ACPI BIOS (for now).

	then I don't understand why you advocate ACPI here.

>ACPI specifies it's BIOS features and interfaces between BIOS and
>OS. ACPI requires OS to support P-code method execution. If you
>add some flexibility to OS to support native method execution 
>as well as P-code execution, the OS can work very well on hpcmips.
>This does not violate ACPI specification because ACPI have no
>limitation about OS though ACPI have some requirements for OS.

	what we should have is portable power management API, which should
	be very MI (this can be very independent from ACPI - I have no
	concrete picture yet).  underneath we can have ACPI, APM, whatever
	you name it.  for hpcmips case, you don't need to emulate ACPI.
	why do we need to implement (1) ACPI parser, and (2) ACPI pseudo
	instructions for hpcmips which can be cryptic, for hpcmips case?