Subject: Re: struct msgbuf contents.
To: Simon Burge <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/12/2000 20:37:17
At 01:19 PM 6/13/2000 +1000, Simon Burge wrote:
>Locally, I've changed the members of 'struct msgbuf' from "long" to
>"int64_t" to make 'struct msgbuf' compat32 friendly.  I've not had any
>problems on either alpha or i386 other than the old msgbuf looking a bit
>funny on i386 - I suspect it would fail the magic test on sparc due to

That's wrong, IMO.  If anything change them to int32_t.  The overhead of
int64 is unacceptable on many of the older platforms.  If you are going to
make things compat32 friendly, that's fine.  but don't make things worse
for platforms that will never use compat32.

Personally, I think if you are going to run 32bit programs on a 64bit
platform, you should expect a little performance hit.
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