Subject: Re: Coda in -current ...
To: Phil Nelson <>
From: Assar Westerlund <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/10/2000 09:31:22
Phil Nelson <> writes:
>    a) quickly I got a panic with
>         vref used where vget required

This indicates that something is note correct as related to the vnode

> 	backtrace included
> 	    vref(...) at vref+0x19
> 	    namei(...) at namei+0x157
> 	    sys___stat13(...) at sys___stat

And this points the ugly finger at lookup.  Lookup is a rather large
and complex animal and getting things correct here is not easy.  I'm
afraid that I know of no better way of getting this right that looking
at all the stuff that's done in some other file system (such as ufs)
and make sure all the locking is handled properly with all
combinations of flags to lookup.

I think that starting to look at lookup and make sure it does the
right thing is a good beginning.

>    b) later I got a panic with
>         vrele: ref cnt

> I believe I saw some mention of changes to the vnode system between
> 1.4 and now, but I wasn't watching closely enough (and I don't know
> the coda module enough) to know how those changes should be delt
> with in coda.

I'm sorry I can't given you any more detailed pointers that the code