Subject: Re: Turning off optimization on selected files.
To: None <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/08/2000 19:26:18
On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Eduardo Horvath wrote:

> This is not at all related to my problem.  There are 3-4 kernel files in
> the kernel which cause gcc to core dump when compiling the sparc V9
> instruction set if optimization is turned on.  It's not a question of bad
> code, or incorrect code.  gcc simply falls on its face. The only thing to
> do is turn off optimization for those files to work around gcc bugs.  

  I've got a similar type of problem:  running a mipsel cross compile on
an Alpha.  When trying to compile sha1.c, cc1 loops allocating memory
until it exhausts the virtual memory.  It will compile with -O0.  I don't
see anyway to use the suggested method of specifying the -O0, since sha1.c
is in lib/libkern and doesn't have a files* file that I can see.

Michael L. Hitch
Computer Consultant
Information Technology Center
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