Subject: Re: Turning off optimization on selected files.
To: Chris Torek <torek@BSDI.COM>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/08/2000 15:16:04
torek@BSDI.COM (Chris Torek) writes:
> Oops.  Guess I applied this *after* I went to BSDI. :-)

That code came into our tree in '96.  8-)

> Hm, oops#2: this only allows you to override:

This is sort-of the issue, but the fix you propose isn't suffifient
(at least in our sources).

in addfile() we (still) have code that looks like:

        if (ht_insert(pathtab, path, oi)) {
                if ((oi = ht_lookup(pathtab, path)) == NULL)
                        panic("addfile: ht_lookup(%s)", path);
                error("duplicate file %s", path);
                xerror(oi->oi_srcfile, oi->oi_srcline,
                    "here is the original definition");

(we also have it in addobject(), but you can't supply make rules for
objects.  8-)

I agree that the functionality is desirable.  I've implemented the
change below, which i'll commit later today unless anyone objects.

a better error message for 'duplicate file' to distinguish the cases
where you've just got a simple dup, and you've got a dup with extra
options spec'd seems appropriate, but i dunno what wording should be.
("duplicate file" vs. "conflicting duplicate file" ?  "duplicate file"
vs "illegal duplicate file"?

during testing, i also noticed that fi_srcline is incorrectly updated
to reflect the duplicate definition.  the 'goto bad;' fixes that (and
frees optx, which wasn't being done before, though i believe it should
have been).


Index: src/files.c
RCS file: /cvsroot/systemsw/tools/src/netbsd-config/src/files.c,v
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -c -r1.2 files.c
*** files.c	2000/05/04 05:54:44	1.2
--- files.c	2000/06/08 22:10:59
*** 133,141 ****
--- 133,152 ----
  		if ((fi = ht_lookup(pathtab, path)) == NULL)
  			panic("addfile: ht_lookup(%s)", path);
+ 		/*
+ 		 * if it's a duplicate entry, it is must specify a make
+ 		 * rule, and only a make rule.  If it does otherwise,
+ 		 * it is disallowed.
+ 		 */
+ 		if (rule != NULL && optx == NULL && flags == 0) {
+ 			fi->fi_mkrule = rule;
+ 			return;
+ 		}
  		error("duplicate file %s", path);
  		xerror(fi->fi_srcfile, fi->fi_srcline,
  		    "here is the original definition");
+ 		goto bad;
  	memcpy(base, tail, baselen);
  	base[baselen] = 0;