Subject: Re: eth0 vs. de0/fxp0/ep0/etc. (was Re: tty device names for Cyclades Z)
To: Mike Pelley <>
From: Kevin P. Neal <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/02/2000 22:41:52
On Fri, Jun 02, 2000 at 10:26:19PM -0400, Mike Pelley wrote:
> It would also shorten critical down time when you swap out an ethernet card
> for another.  Not that it's a good thing, but "de0" often gets hardcoded
> into various scripts and config files that a customer has written.  It would
> be nice to swap out a digital card that goes bad for an intel card without
> booting into single user mode, fixing up system settings, and then fixing
> his various scripts.  Damn ISP's ;o)

How difficult would it be to figure out what eth1 is, for example?

What if someone yanks a card out of the middle of the numbering? Wouldn't
you still have to fixup settings?

It's the same as having sd* (for sd[0-3]) and yanking a drive out of
the middle (say, sd1).

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