Subject: eth0 vs. de0/fxp0/ep0/etc. (was Re: tty device names for Cyclades Z)
To: None <>
From: Mike Pelley <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/02/2000 22:26:19
> > And, if you're gonna go there (and i'm not saying we should 8-)...
> >
> > why should ethernet interfaces be different?
> I buy this. It's good for support purposes, in that it makes the
> configuration of simple systems much easier to guess. "you have one
> ethernet card? ifconfig eth0."

It would also shorten critical down time when you swap out an ethernet card
for another.  Not that it's a good thing, but "de0" often gets hardcoded
into various scripts and config files that a customer has written.  It would
be nice to swap out a digital card that goes bad for an intel card without
booting into single user mode, fixing up system settings, and then fixing
his various scripts.  Damn ISP's ;o)

However, I must admit I'm not aware of what the issues might be (other then
the usual - someone has to do the work ;o).  Is it a bad idea to switch from
de0/fxp0 to eth0/eth1?

Thanks!   Mike.