Subject: install-target for /sys/arch/*/conf/Makefile.* ?
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/25/2000 17:10:06
Right now we don't provide an install target for our kernels at all, and I
think we should give our users a hand there. I think that some default
which can be changed per-machine would make sense. 

How about adding this to all the Makefile.*s:

# The install target can be redefined by putting a
# install-kernel-${MACHINE_NAME} target into /etc/mk.conf
MACHINE_NAME!=  uname -n
install: install-kernel-${MACHINE_NAME}
.if !target(install-kernel-${MACHINE_NAME}})
        rm -f /onetbsd
        mv /netbsd /onetbsd
        cp netbsd /

That way one can employ different install targets for every
seperate machine. I've thought about using MACHINE_ARCH instead, but
maybe that's not flexible enough. 

Does the above default make sense for all machines? I can imagine that one
wants something else for netbooted machines (e.g. on my shark i'd run "cp
netbsd /tftpboot/netbsd-SHARK" on the tftp server), but that can be
specified in /etc/mk.conf then.

 - Hubert

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