Subject: Re: ps_strings addrress (was: new sysctl(KERN_PROC, ...) interface)
To: Simon Burge <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/23/2000 10:43:18
On Sun, 23 Apr 2000, Simon Burge wrote:

> Given the above, can you see any other reasons what a 32bit emul ps
> wouldn't work?  Actually, what is the current status of the emul/native
> combos and what works/doesn't work with the kvm stuff?  It'd be nice to
> have a spare ultrasparc lying around in my office to play around with
> this... :-)

	I have an Ultra1 that I'm willing to ship somewhere for a couple
	of months for NetBSD related use...

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