Subject: Re: 1.4.2 SHARK kernel freezes when doing lots of disk i/o
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/10/2000 22:07:59
On Sun, Apr 09, 2000 at 05:57:59PM +0200, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> Could you send a dmesg ? I can't find it in my mailboxes, but maybe
> I just deleted it by accident.

This is the 1.4.2 dmesg.

NetBSD 1.4.2 (SHARK) #25: Mon Apr 10 21:05:23 CEST 2000
real mem  = 33554432
avail mem = 27783168
using 307 buffers containing 1781760 bytes of memory
mainbus0 (root)
cpu0 at mainbus0: SA-110 rev 3 DC enabled IC enabled WB enabled EABT
ofbus0 (root)
ofbus1 at ofbus0 (vlbus)
ofisa0 at ofbus1 (isa)
dma-controller@i00 at ofisa0 not configured
interrupt-controller@i20 at ofisa0 not configured
timer@i40 at ofisa0 not configured
configuration@i15c at ofisa0 not configured
com0 at ofisa0 (serial@i3f8): ns16550a, working fifo
lpt0 at ofisa0 (parallel@i378)
ofbus2 at ofisa0 (8042@i60)
ofisapc0 at ofbus2 (keyboard@)
kbc command: 0
pc0 at ofisapc0: color
opms0 at pc0 irq 12
mouse@aux at ofbus2 not configured
power@i380 at ofisa0 not configured
ofbus3 at ofisa0 (gpio@i3e0)
eeprom at ofbus3 not configured
ofrtc0 at ofisa0 (rtc@i70): rtc
ofisascr0 at ofisa0 (scr@i24)
scr0 at ofisascr0
com1 at ofisa0 (ir@i2f8): ns16550a, working fifo
cs0 at ofisa0 (ethernet@i300): CRUS,CS8900
cs0: CS8900 rev. F, address 08:00:2b:81:63:f0, media UTP
joy0 at ofisa0 (game@i201): ESST,game
joy0: joystick not connected
midi@i330 at ofisa0 not configured
ess0 at ofisa0 (sound@i220): ESST,es1887-codec
ess0: ESS Technology ES1887 [version 0x688b]
ess0: audio1 polled
ess0: audio2 polled
audio0 at ess0: full duplex
opl0 at ess0: model OPL3
midi0 at opl0: <ESS Yamaha OPL3>
wdc0 at ofisa0 (ide@i1f0)
wd0 at wdc0 channel 0 drive 0: <FUJITSU MHF2043AT>
wd0: drive supports 16-sector pio transfers, lba addressing
wd0: 4126MB, 8944 cyl, 15 head, 63 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 8452080 sectors
wd0: drive supports PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2, Ultra-DMA mode 2
pci at ofbus1 not configured
display@it3b0 at ofbus1 not configured
ofrom0 at ofbus0 (flash@7000000): 0x7000000-0x707ffff
ofrom1 at ofbus0 (romcard@10000000): 0x10000000-0x10ffffff
ipl_bio=ffffbfff ipl_net=ffffbfdf ipl_tty=ffffaf5d ipl_imp=ffffaf5d
ipl_audio=ffffaf5d ipl_imp=ffffaf5d ipl_high=ffffaf5d ipl_serial=ffffaf45
clock: hz=64 stathz = 0 profhz = 0
boot device: <unknown>
root on wd0a dumps on wd0b