Subject: Can I use /dev/wskbd0 for X ?
To: None <>
From: TAKEMURA Shin <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/09/2000 18:08:09

I'd like to build new X server for hpcmips port. But
I'm standing at a nonplus because I can use neither
/dev/wskbd0 nor /dev/wsmux1 (keyboard mux)
for X server.

The cause is simple. The console (wsdisplay0) own
the keyboard and wsdisplay connect the keyboard 
to dmux (display mux). So, I can't open /dev/wdkbd0,
which is EBUSY and I receive no event from 

I know that:
  - I can't open the keyboard via /dev/wskbd0 while
    it belongs to wsdipslay.
  - I can't detach the keyboard from wsdisplay which
    is the console.
  - I can't open dmux because it isn't a real device.

How can I get wsevents from the keyboard ?
Does Xalpha really use /dev/wdkbd0 ?
Please help me.