Subject: Re: Port forwarding using ipf
To: None <>
From: samuel Lellouche <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/16/2000 04:22:27
So is it a known fact that ipf doesnt proccess all packets, or proccess some
of them twice etc.. ?

In that case i switch immediatly to a tcpinput version...

By the way anyone know how i can cleanly add functions to be called on
each tcpinput and output ?


> On Thu, 16 Mar 100, samuel Lellouche wrote:
> > The Pc has 2 interfaces and depending on the interface and where you
> > connect from, some cases dont work.
> >
> > We just want to redirect everything that goes on port 80 to 8000.
> Hmm.. and rdr just forwards to a specific adress.
> I don't really see the reason why you have to do this. Seems strange to
> me! :) I run a ipf/nat at home without any problem, but if ALL packets
> adressed to port 80 should change to port 8000 on any adress then I don't
> know how.
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